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Family Partnership Training Australia (FPTA Inc) is a non profit, interagency, multi disciplinary group that works collaboratively to make the Family Partnership Training Program available to those who have a role in providing help and support to parents.


A "Management Committee", made up of representatives from Disability Services Commission, Department for Child Protection, Department for Communities, Child and Adolescent Community Health The Smith Family as well as several 'independent' personnel, oversees the general management of the association. The committee meets approximately six weekly.


Some funding is provided annually by selected government stakeholder agencies (proportionate to their use of the training programs) to enable their staff to access the training across Western Australia. In addition, stakeholder agencies contribute by way of releasing their trained Facilitators to conduct training programs during work hours. Course participants not associated with funding organisations are charged a training fee (see fees).


The FPTA office is located within the Australian Asian Association building at 275 Stirling Street (corner of Bulwer Street), Perth. The office is attended on Wednesdays and Fridays by the Education and Liaison Officer who coordinates the training programs.